Baltimore 2CM Campaign

Baltimore 2CM Campaign

From Kathryn Mastandrea

I'm raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends.

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It's time to re-commit

We are just a few months away from our two-year commitment to TFA. It is our time to recommit ourselves to this mission...because the imapct that we have had on our students and on each other will go beyond these two short years.  By giving to the 2010 Giving Campaign, you are paying it forward to the future corps members of Teach For America-Baltimore, the future students of Baltimore, and the future communities of Baltimore.  

So, remember when, 2010...

Remember When?

  • Remember when Sarge was the best part of your day? 
  • Remember eating more turkey sandwiches at Institute than you had in your entire life? 
  • Remember when discovering the Chipotle on St. Paul Street got you to Hopkins each week? 
  • Remember when it would have been easier to live at Panera than at home? 
  • Remember when that $25 gift card during your first year MADE your day? 
  • Remember the first "teacher moment" you had with your kids? 

..So Pay it Forward

Support the future of this movement in Baltimore by giving to this campaign today.  This money goes directly to our region to help supporting 2012 corps members in the shape of gift cards and things like transitional funding.  We have been transformed by this experience, and it's time to show that we are committed to ending educational inequity in Baltimore.  

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